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12/04/2023 FANTASTIC FOUR #6


(W) North, Ryan (A) Fiorelli, Ivan (C) Ross, Alex
StockID: 73519 SKU: FEB230816

The Fantastic Four have been restored to their correct dimension and orientation- but they don't know that some microscopic invaders- immune to all predators on Earth- have come along for the ride! What happens when the Fantastic Four accidentally threaten all life on the planet? Well- they try to fix it. But what happens when they can't? I'll tell you what happens: Sue and Johnny team up to pull off their most audacious stunt yet and maybe- just maybe- save us all. Meanwhile- Ben- Alicia and Reed have to convince a skeptical world that what they?re doing is worth it... Plus: Doctor Octopus is in this one! Only for a little bit- because- come on - he's going up against the FANTASTIC FOUR. It's gonna be a short fight. OR IS IT??? Rated T+

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