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05/04/2023 ROGUE AND GAMBIT #2


(W) Phillips, Stephanie (A) Gomez, Carlos E. (C) Morris, Steve
StockID: 73525 SKU: FEB230764

X-MEN VERSUS AVENGERS WITH THE FATE OF KRAKOA AT STAKE! The future of mutantkind rests on Rogue and Gambit's shoulders! Granted a vision of Krakoa's demise- Destiny knows the one way to save their paradise: Find Manifold and hide him away- somewhere so deep that no one- not even his allies on the Avengers- can find him. That won't sit well with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The King of Wakanda comes for Marvel's premier couple! But the Black Panther is just the first on a very long list of problems - and when someone else steals Manifold away- Rogue and Gambit find themselves in everyone's crosshairs. Rated T+

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