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12/04/2023 GRYFFEN #1 (OF 6) CVR E UNDERWOOD


(W) Kahn, Ben (A) Hidalgo, Bruno (C) Kent, Tony
StockID: 75081 SKU: FEB231818

Bayleigh Underwood is a comic artist and illustrator based in North Carolina who specializes in monsters- swords- and action scenes. They have illustrated multiple short comics- including Reflection- Marvel Action: Chillers- and The Last Champion. In the distant future- mankind has taken to the stars and spread across the galaxy. They've encountered hundreds of worlds- met dozens of species…and crushed them all in the iron fist of humanity! Humans now reign over the Milky Way as a fascist empire known as the Sovereign Reach- and their most feared soldier is the merciless Captain Lyla Gryffen. Six months ago- they disappeared. One week ago…they returned. Changed. Radicalized to bring down the empire they once served. Now- Captain Gryffen has a new mission - to recruit a crew of rogue officers and mad scientists- and set fire to the galaxy- no matter how many get burnt along the way.

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